Monday, February 15, 2010

Celebrity Rehab....

This is a show that caught me by's been a deeply moving show to me. Seeing the hell of drugs and the brokenness of those fighting and failing and getting back up in recovery is powerful stuff. In this behind the scenes, you get a bit of critical info on one of the meanest chicks you are going to see on tv. She is a mess but here, you get glimpse at the horror in her soul.

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FCB said...

When I hear stories like hers it reminds me of how dark the soul of sin can become. My early childhood was filled with nothing but fun filled memories; I just can't imagine being anywhere near healthy with trauma's of this degree. Hurting people are the reason we must learn the Love of Christ, and how to be His agent of love in this world of madness. In my opinion their is no antidote but love, and its fragrance must sweep through the world by way of Christ's church reaching out and always longing to serve. If I find I have no longing to serve....... may it never be.
Love Dad