Monday, November 22, 2004

I am not God.

When humans attempt to justify themselves through works (regardless of the religion), they become inhuman. Humans were not meant to somehow elevate themselves in order to become more god-like. The goal of humanity is not to become God. We were created not to be God, but to be humans in relationship with God. Hence, when religion takes works and puts them in between God and humans, it obscures the chance for those people to have a relationship with God. Furthermore, if humans were created to exist in relationship with God, and the fall broke that relationship, the only way to become truly human is through the restoration of that relationship, which is what Jesus did by becoming human and then dying in our place. (-some author, sorry forgot where)
What a potent post. Humans were not created to become, there is a lot that could be unpacked from that morsel.
I know that a whole lot of my frustration over the years as a Christian has revolved around learning that I can't be God. A revelation that seems so simple but in the intricacies of outliving this inner life of Christ, has proved to be quite challenging. In fact, discovering what it means to be human in Christ has started to be a liberating truth.
I've starred at the Son for so long that I have been blind to how to live that light in mortal realities. I've had sun spots...and they have hampered my relationships, ministry and my inner life.
Coming to understand that He doesn't want me to be Him but live His life out of me is a difference that has been a long discovery.

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