Wednesday, November 17, 2004

This cd rocks! Day of Fire lead singer, Joshua Brown, is the former frontman for Full Devil Jacket (Island/Def Jam). Joshua has a powerful testimony of turning away from his rock-star lifestyle after surviving a heroine overdose and surrendering his life to God while in rehabilitation. After a two-year hiatus, Joshua began writing songs again, this time with guitarist/songwriter/fellow believer Gregg Hionis, and the pair began playing out in Joshua’s hometown of Jackson, Tenn. The radical transformation of Joshua’s life along with the straightforward message found in the lyrics, has given Day of Fire the platform to have a major impact on culture.
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We have a youth ministry called The Jeremiah House and we use the Fuel DVD series that features alot of Josh's music. We are so blessed to hear his testimony. I was a metal head myself before I discovered Air 1 Radio and God has totally changed my life. I had no clue their were such rockin, talented Christian artists! Thank you for posting this article. I suspected that there was a great story behind Day of Fire. God Bless you!