Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Trading spouses...

I don't know if anyone else watched FOXS Trading Spouses last night or not, but I was floored by it. The two women were a perfect picture of two types of Christians that one will encounter in Churches. The reason we have so many empty chairs in our churches is because we have a host of those California vegan types and a dearth of the Bayou girls. God help us that environmentalist-nut was insane. Give me an alligator eating loving mama over a judgmental, self-centered, hyper-anal, painfully caustic acetic any day! it was a perfect picture of walking in law or grace as I have ever seen.

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FCB said...

I didn't see that show but I wish I had. The week preceding also had a Christian on it. She was a sweet heart. But to quote a piece from your site--
"I cannot fail, however unwilling, to see much that is dry and stiff and unlovely in the style of Christianity around me. It has no attraction for me."