Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The stones will cry out...

Dear Eric and Ground Zero,

This stone is from Llannelli (clan-ethli) in South Wales.
It is from the bottom of a small baptismal pool built into the banks of a river there. In 1903/4, 2000 new converts from a tiny town were baptized there, in fact they stood on these stones.

October/November is considered to be the time that the Welsh Revival broke out one hundred years ago. In this anniversary year, I have felt for some time that I needed to send you this stone and God said to ask you to hold it, that you needed to ask God to speak to you concerning days gone by and even greater days promised.

Not wanting to go all weird on you, but God really said you need to ask the stone what it has seen (symbolically) because where God's people have failed to declare the promises of our God-scripture says the stones will have to speak and cry out.

Many of us in England feel renewed hope that whilst we have prayed for Visitation, God is actually seeking much more, Habitation-a place and a people to remain with.
We also feel that in these days -God has created space for ordinary people to step in and occupy, to see Jesus established, just like those ordinary faithful people in the Welsh revival.

Evan Roberts was a young man at the heart of this 1904 revival, he had everything against him, he was very young---jumping into stuff at just 18, he was not trained in theology and he was low class. He was renowned for busting communities and towns wide open, and I mean totally blowing them away with the message of Jesus, thank God He does it His way.

Go and Inherit-Like never before!!

Love to you from England

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