Friday, December 24, 2004

Whoever heard me spoke well of me, and those who saw me commended me,
because I rescued the poor who cried for help, and the fatherless who had none to assist him. The man who was dying blessed me; I made the widow's heart sing.
I put on righteousness as my clothing; justice was my robe and my turban.
I was eyes to the blind and feet to the lame. I was a father to the needy
Job 29:11- 16

Here are some facts that you might not be aware of:
51% of the people on earth are children.
1 billion of these live in abject poverty their families live on less than one dollar a day.
More than 17 million children will starve to death this year.
Every 14 seconds, a child loses her parents to AIDS.
The HIV/AIDS pandemic is producing orphans on a scale unrivaled in world history. AIDS orphans are expected to number 44 million by 2010.
150 million children live on the streets because of poverty neglect and abuse.
Over 250 million children under the age of 14, work to support their families, they are often sold for only a few dollars and force into slavery or bonded labor.
10 million children are being sexually exploited.

I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can
do something. -Helen Keller Posted by Hello


mat said...

When I first read the gospels it spoke to my need of God and I ran to Him. When I read Job I realized how much further I had to run. Not that it's discouraging, but Job was sobering where the gospels intoxicated.

FCB said...

When I read Job 29:12-17 and 31:16-21, Job's account of his deeds, I think it is in the economy of God that none should suffer if all would do as Job. I don't think the needs outnumber the gifts. I must do more.