Friday, December 31, 2004

United States could be destroyed in a similar manner.

During Friday's prayers in a Baghdad mosque, Sheik Ahmed Abdul-Ghafour Al-Samarie of the Association of Muslim Scholars - an influential Sunni group- demanded that the U.S. troops pull out of Iraq...We have to realize that God is mightier than America and more powerful than the occupation forces, he said. America, which conducted crimes everywhere and supported Israel against Muslims, should take the lesson of the torrent and surge of the ocean in Asia, Al-Samarie said, adding that the United States could be destroyed in a similar manner.

I was waiting for something like this to be said, I was surprised it came from a Muslim, since the majority of people killed in that region are Muslim. I am not sure how he is interpreting this natural disaster, it seems like he is insinuating that God sent the disaster on his own people...strange.

Instead of seeing the aid, the money, the care, the compassion...he sees it as a hammer to use in furthering his relgious/political agenda. He is using the cataclysmic death of innocent people to stir anti-American fervor and inspire people to dream of such destruction hitting the shores of America. I wonder if the Islamic regimes he loves so much would be sending such aid, man power and compassion to our shores. I doubt it.

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