Sunday, December 05, 2004

Did you see that?

One persons epiphany is another persons triviality.
When Paul saw Jesus in a blinding light on the road to Damascus,
His companions saw nothing.

-From the book, If Grace Is True by Philip Gulley & James Mulholland.

This quote nailed it.

I live in this spot so many times. I feel like I am often standing with my hair sizzling, the veins in my wide eyed face popping out with illumination. My clothes steaming like a street after a hot summer shower and my feet melted to the ground by the sheer force of a mental or spiritual lightening bolt
and those around are picking lint out of their navels.

It can be so deflating...

I am sure Paul excitedly blurted out "DID YOU SEE THAT!" in a hyper-hoarse, Junior higher like cracking voice; after his first century alien abduction from Jesus.

But those around him were clueless...that had to be tough.

God give us men and women who have been struck by bolts from heaven but please God...give us those who have ears and eyes to see as well. Posted by Hello

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mat said...

Like when Peter wanted to camp out with Jesus at the transfiguration. And yet they were told to keep it to themselves.