Tuesday, December 21, 2004

This painting made me cry the first time I saw it in a gallery in town. For me, it pictured that moment in time when the boy begins to put away the toys of his younger days. Christian loves dinosaurs, not as much now as then...oh, it is so heart wrenching this parenting thing. See more of Greg Olsens art at www.gregolsengallery.com Posted by Hello


mat said...

Whenever I see dinosaurs I think of Christian emphatically explaining their existence and naming them scientifically, I also wonder if he is still into them. Is he still playing the trumpet?

FCB said...

That is a moving picture and so sad. Becoming a young man should be a great time but there is no time like childhood. Life is so simple.
I love Greg Olson's work! So much art so little money.