Friday, January 14, 2005

If your heartaches seem to hang around too long
And your blues keep getting bluer with each song
Remember sunshine can be found behind a cloudy sky
So let your hair down and go on and cry. -Johnny Ray. I just dig this photo, it captures I love it.
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FCB said...

I like that picture too. I was watching a show on Larry King last night about Elvis. During the show many pictures of Elvis were displayed. The majority showed his face in passion's grimace. We feel a sense of kinship with passion's display. Hard to descibe but pictures that help define the struggle of the soul are most captivating, don't you think?

Ty and Sue said...

ummm... good stuff

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you mention Elvis. I have read many articles on his disdain for artist's that did not express their emotions while singing. In fact, while watching one such artist...he blew out his T.V. screen with one of his guns out of disgust.
-Now that's conviction

True Story.

Dave Hunt