Sunday, January 30, 2005

OK, I am trying to take all my audio messages from the church and convert them to mp3s so I can put them on my blog for people to download and listen to if they desire. I would also like to get them on CD to get our church into the 2000s. Those crappy tapes just got to go. So my plan is to get the new Mac mini because it's fairly cheap and will allow me to record the messages in digital, (if you know of a better plan, let me know). The quality of sound from audio to digital is killing me when I upload them onto my computer. The sound stinks, a lot of hissing, warbling and distortion. So I am working towards solving the problem with this new little betty...I can't wait!
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mat said...

At this point there is two ways I know you can get the best sound out of cassette tapes. First is the player you use to digitize, use a good quality player, probably have to go to a studio for this, or one of LeeElla's many talented family members. The second is cleaning and removing hisses and pops in the computer digitally. It's a bit of an art but there are some great sound programs out there, you may need to find someone here again that has them. It's all about aquisition, at this point you're stuck with tape, but you can reduce the damage by best possible transfer and digital cleaning. Good luck, there are people that make a living doing just that!

mat said...

Since the last advice was so helpful, I thought I would share some more wisdom, think about and iBook? I use my G3 Mac laptop most of the time and my desktop now sits even though it's a faster G4 Mac. It can go anywhere and takes up less room on the desk.