Sunday, January 30, 2005

My iPod review

I got an iPod for Christmas.
My lovely wife won it through her bank and gave it to me...ah, what a woman.
For those who don't have one, basically it is a music organizing, playing, storing system.
It's small but holds thousands of songs depending on which one you get. I have the 20 gigabyte one which holds thousands of songs. It comes with a software program that synchs with your iPod. You upload all your CDs onto your computer and than download them onto your iPod. You do all your arranging, play lists, etc., on the computer than update your iPod.
I love it! No more carrying all those CDs around. You can download music from the Internet for about 99 cents a song if you like, which if you think about it you never really like all the songs on a CD anyway. Just pick and choose the ones you want to hear.
There are a few accessories that I want to buy for it...iPod armor which is a little case to carry it in to protect it from scratches on the screen and dropping it. I would also like to try different headphones, the little individual ear pieces just bother me for some reason.

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Scott Patershall said...

I totally want one. I was just talking to Cris last night about it. When you were explaining it to me the other day I was thinking, "our CD's are always getting scratched and what a pain to change them while driving." I really hope to get one sometime!