Monday, January 31, 2005

A little more sponge...

The whole Dobson/Spongebob subject really doesn't interest me that much but the general issues of how we engage this culture that is growing more and more confused about sexuality, morality; and learning to live among those who don't share our views of truth does interest me a lot. This quote below summarizes my apprehensions about the ring that has been built be Christian hands and those who are getting thrown within it. I am worried about the bullying nature that truth often seems to breed. I have witnessed it within myself and seen it's ugliness among those I have walked with.

Religion often seems like a black widow that mates for its own needs
and than eats those who it has lured into it's web. -Eric

"How much harm has been done to the church and to the cause of Jesus Christ because Christians have placed other considerations alongside or above the command to love as God loves? In the name of truth, Christians in the past have sometimes destroyed people, even physically torturing and murdering them. In the name of holiness, Christians have often pushed away and shamed those who don't meet their standard, creating their own little holiness club to which struggling sinners need not apply. And in the name of correct biblical doctrine, Christians have frequently destroyed the unity of the body of Christ, refusing to minister or worship together because of doctrinal differences, sometimes viciously attacking those who disagree with them."

"The unsurpassable worth of the person who doesn't share our truth, doesn't meet our definition of holiness, or doesn't agree with our "correct biblical doctrine" has all too often been neglected or denied. Which means that in such cases the truth, holiness, or correct doctrine we have defended was altogether worthless: clashing cymbals, resounding gongs, religious noise, nothing more. Such noise tarnishes the reputation--the glory--of God. It also explains why the church generally has been known for many things other than love and many things that contradict love." -author, Greg Boyd
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