Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Prophetic words don't change our lives

Much dreaming and many words are meaningless...-Ecclesiastes 5:7
How foolish it is to think that you can take a revival meeting or a dynamic weekend to change the way a city thinks, all by shouting at the air. This is not an air thing. It is a mind thing. It is a mindset or a way of thinking that has been sown from one generation to another. And it will take more than shouting in the air to dismantle and destroy it. Instead, you have to get a generation to renew their minds and be re-brainwashed, and then the power over the mind is broken.
Most people don't like to hear about dismantling the strongholds, because it puts the responsibility on them. They want people to lay hands on them, shout at them, spit on them, and then they can go free. That is nonsense. Prayer works well when you are playing your role properly. Prophecy or prophetic words don't change our lives. They just indicate what the Father wants to do for you. Your job is to find your role or your responsibility in the Father's plan and do it. If you won't do anything, nothing will happen in your life.

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