Friday, January 07, 2005


World Vision estimates that between 10 to 14 million children are victims of the sex trade and that another one million children enter the prostitution racket every year. Of the one million prostitutes in Thailand 80% are under 18.


FCB said...

These figures are such a tragedy. The only thing I can think to say is that as much as it is a tragedy, so helping to stop it is conversly, heroic.
International Justice mission, as you know, is involved in catching and bringing to justice these human trafficers. I can't think of a more important issue than this to be involved in. What could it be?

mat said...

I saw a lot of World Vision aid boxes in Indo. That's a good sign. IJM is sending people there too to help stop people from preying on the orphans... the tradgedy is unbelievable, but it's great to see people caring. I must say I didn't see many other Christian Orgs on the ground besides the mormons and Samaritans Purse, who were there the day I arrived. I wonder how the Christian world has responded in terms of on the ground aid. What I saw was mostly the big guys, Red Cross is by far the leading player in terms of quanitity and response time. They flooded Medan. But I can't say what I saw was comprehensive I was surrounded by so much going on I couldn't decipher it all.

FCB said...

I think, hope, the Christian community is responding in a big way. I know here locally that Mercy corps, N.W.Medical teams, and World Vision were publicised the most. But the Catholic church, Salvation Army and Save the Children, as well as Christian Childrens fund have all been very involved. I think Christians from all over the world are giving generously. I just hope as the news fades that the giving continues.Our church has an ongoing collection for the need.
Good things are happening.