Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Well today is the end of an era. Micah went to his first day of school. He is going 2 days a week at a local christian pre-school. Mom called crying...he was so excited he pretty much forgot to say good-bye...poor mom. It is hard passing through the changing seasons of life.  Posted by Hello


FCB said...

I'm sure the light in this picture is emitted from Micah's face, it just beams. Too cute!

FCB said...

Boys, here they come....
There troop the three most roguish boys that ever made parents scold and laugh. They have nothing to do but to set each other on to mischief. They pull off buds from the unblossomed roses; they pick cucumbers by the bushel that were to have been let alone; they break down rare shrubbery to get whips, and instead get whippings; they kill the guinea pigs; chase the chickens; break up the hen's nest; get into the carriages and wagons only to tumble out.
They study every means of getting under the horse's feet, and, as more dangerous act, they are fond of tickling their hind legs, and pulling their tails.
They paddle in all the mud on the premises; sit down in the street and fill their pockets with dirt; they wet their clothes in the brook, tear them in the woods, lose their caps a dozen times a day.

They are little, nimble, compact skinfuls of ingenious, fertile, endless, untiring mischief.

They stub their toes, or cut their fingers, or get stung, or eat some poisonous berry, seed or root, or makes us think that they have, which is just as bad; they fall down stairs, or eat green fruit till they are as tight as a drum; and yet there is no peace to us without them, as there certainly is none with them. Mischievous darlings; Joyful plagues! Loving, rollicking, laughing rogues!!!!!!!!