Friday, October 28, 2005

Does Christian entertainment suck?

Here is a great set of articles to make you think.


tony said...

I was digging on that article. Did you get that book today? Im interested to hear your thoughts. We should hook up next week sometime. peace.

Chris said...

God had been using stories (drama), visual art, music etc. throughout the ages to communicate truth, beauty, pain; whatever may refelct the divine nature. This has always been and will surely continue. It seems the whole notion of Christian art being somehow different from other artistic endevors seems to be a new idea. I think that comes with the evangelical idea of subcutlure metioned in the articles which maintains that the main culture is infiltrated by the enemy, and therefore not safe to consume. Only that which has the accountability of the Christian label is safe to consume, no matter how wholesome or not it may be. To earn the label it must be simple, direct, and theologically sound. Good art is rarely any of those things, and yet God uses it to further truth in dark places.

At church tonight there was a hip hop dance group that did a routine to a Dave Matthews song. I have never really be 'edified' by Christian dance before; this was well executed, raw, and passionate. It was interesting to me because it lacked the traditional hand raising and twila paris, and somehow got a lot more to the point.

Artists have been rejecting society's traditions well before the last century began, and especially got away from the reguar way of seeing things in the heydays of modernism, cubism, expressionism, etc. At the same time, the modern man was being assulted by massive wars, the dramatic changes of family and living conditions brought on by a shift from agraian to indutrial society, and the resultant changing social staus of minority groups. The old artistic values of pristine landscapes, simple chords, and epic tales failed to describe the completely cacophonous, dizzying world that people occupied. The new ways were bold, ugly, confusing, and made perfect sense to match the changing world. Most people rejected their consumption of this art, favoring instead a sort of escapism that the old masters like DaVinci and Mozart could offer. Though a lot of this happened through the first half of the 20th century, the results live on today where 100 year old art is still refered to as modern if it is a certain way, and new works look like they could be part of the classical canon.

Christians need to embrace art to reach a culture that has shut down communication on traditional levels. Oh if Christian Art meant radical, subversive, and ripe with truth. Not just Christian truth, but the type of truth that every human can understand if they are open. Not longer would it be only fit for sunday school... Meanwhile the world continues to churn out meaningful, real art that gets to the core of us, or tries as least, and God makes it work for good through the mystery of his Spirit.

I may have been missing out on a lot of what may be incredibly good art by Christians because I have has a few bad tastes. Anybody have some links of stuff to check out?