Saturday, October 08, 2005

This is a beautiful and profound film about generations. The message in it resonates so deeply within my heart. Seeing the generations come together.
But for that to happen there has to be new vision. There is a cry in the emerging generation to carry on the traditions of our tribe. To be accepted, to be taught and lead. Leadership that doesn't seek to eclipse but embody and expand the past. The blindness of elders that cannot see the answers right before them because they come in a form they are not looking for or don't fit their paradigm is tragic. They simply can't or won't see.
This picture captures fathering and the lack of it and the amazing way it happens sometimes through unlikely and forgotten people. I will use this film in fleshing out what community and discipleship looks and feels like...all the challenge, pain and joy of it.
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FCB said...

I agree, Whale Rider is a good movie. I've seen it twice and it was as good the second time as the first. What a great little female actress too.

Unknown said...

Yes, she was excellent. I am buying this movie. Destiny has already watched it twice as well.