Monday, May 15, 2006

The fighter...

Micah, Spencer & Logan
Originally uploaded by ericblauer.
And here is the FIGHTER...the dark side of the moon. If you have met Micah, you know he is also a superhero waiting to take over the world with his fists. Somehow we have raised a barbarian in suburbia.


Adrienne said...

I am definitely envious of your photography... I think pictures are so fun and thought-provoking. I try to take pictures whenever I can, but alas I can't seem to get people to be as willing for photos as you seem to do. Great pictures!

And not even to mention how fun it is to watch young boys play together. I sat behind those three yesterday at church and Micah told Logan to sit somewhere he didn't want to sit, so when Logan whined about it, Micah just literally sat him down. I laughed out loud and Micah turned right around and gave me a, "What are YOU laughing at?" look. All I could say was "Sorry!" lol it was a cute moment.

Unknown said...

Photography is a powerful means of expression. I long to see more people explore spiritual expression through it. I can't wait to begin to put together art shows with all of our humble attempts to see life captured and shared. It will be fun.

Just begin taking pictures and soon the good ones will start to increase as you learn and work. Getting around other photographers and getting tips and seeing how they see is important too. We will be having many opportunities to explore this more through Jacob's Well.

I think Destiny took these pictures by the way.

Dan and Tina said...

ahhhh, a proud moment for mom! My son feeling free to share his superhero side to all....Captain Dufus!! He has come so far! Thank goodness he can be redeemed in the next photo! Tina