Friday, May 19, 2006

Strike the ground again...

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Pray for us as we continue to push forward in this dream world. This house is next to our church and I have gone by it many times and thought to myself that it would be a great place to live. It is a really great house and it is right across the street from the basketball courts by our building. Yesterday as I was driving by I saw a forsale sign up. I jumped on it and we meet with a realtor today to start yet another push forward.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so I guess we are public on this.
My kids don't know we are looking at a
this house - pray for them, especially Christian because of the changes it would involve. Pray that God will speak to his heart about the bigger picture of life and its meaning. it just me, or is my life crazy- good right now!! As in, everything good is also very crazy. (*scream here*) - LeeElla : )

Mel said...

How did the meeting with the real estate people go? It's a lovely house. I'm praying that God's perfect will be accomplished, and that He will give you the desires of your hearts.

What was your very first thought/feeling/reaction when you saw the "for sale" sign?

Unknown said...

Well I guess God answers prayer quick these days...I came home tonight and Christian told me he had decided we needed a change and that he wanted an adventure. I had prayed today that the Lord would speak to him about it all. Fast answer.

We made an offer on the house today with our realtor.
Boom, boom, boom! This is one fast season, buckle up kids its going to be a wild ride! YEEEEEHAW!!!!!!!!

As LeeElla said to me today: WE ARE ALL IN.

Mike Mike said...

wow!!! We (Heather & I) are praying for your decision with much fervancy.

This is the next natural step in the process of weaving yourself into the community God has called you to.....actually planting YOURself in that area and beginning to walk a literal mile in their shoes

All I have to say is "rejoice for the steps of the righteous are ordered of God"

Mike & Heather (you know which ones!)

Anonymous said...

I love that house! I think it is so cute, with character! I am believing that God will bless you as you continue to walk this uncharted journey!
Love you and love the house~