Monday, May 08, 2006

Slayer memories...

I was reading a post over at Spencer's blog and had an answer for one
of the comments, I've been to one of their concerts, here is what it
is like:

Just turn the light off, and flash a strobe light in your face
repeatedly from different angles.
Raise both arms and do the devil horns metal fist with both hands and
pump it mercilessly. Turn the music up beyond listening level, grow a
massive mullet or scraggly hair style, bang your head like you want
it to fall off or split open.

Add chanting, upside down crosses and cuss, scream and shout like a
maniac possessed by a wolverine with ADD. Add bong hits, lighters and
a lot of anger people and mix it altogether and you get one
gargantuan goulash of devilish goop. I was so tweaked by the decent
into a little hell on earth that I walked out just to breathe some
undammned air.

I felt like I was in the exorcist musical.

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