Sunday, November 19, 2006

give me a face like a lion...

George St Pierre
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New UFC welterweight world champion George St Pierre beat the title off of Matt Hughes Saturday night. It was a stunning upset, Matt had beaten George in their last fight but this time George was...hungry. I'm a big fan of Matt Hughes, with his only four defeats in over 40+ matches, Matt is a master. But GSP was magnificent...truly an up and coming force to reckon with in the days to come. I was amazed by his aggressive and diverse attacks that punished Matt into a knock out by a kick to the head. If fighting can be beautiful, that match was hot. I pondered the upset and the challenge of keeping a title vs fighting for one. I simply don't think one can muster up the needed fire in the belly to keep something you have; compared to the growling lust for attainment. Matt melted in the furnace of George's meteoric rise.

It reminded me of the "Mighty Men of Valor" described in 1 Chronicles 12:8 " trained for war, who could handle shield and spear and whose faces were like the faces of lions and they were swift as the gazelles on the mountains." There are not enough men with the faces of lions today. The tumultuous righteous hunger has been doused with a pretty pink pepto piety. Mighty men of valor know what they want and go after it. Many boys in grown ups clothes today haven't a clue what they want. Or they live under paralyzing mentality that they don't deserve what they desire so deeply in their numbed hearts. They have allowed themselves to be de-fanged of the necessary bite to fight for what they must, to become who they were born to be.

It gets safe at the place of familiarity. Mild accomplishment can breed besetting timidity and a fearfulness can set in like a debilitating spiritual arthritis. It can turn a once hungry man into a sedentary could have been. It reminds me of the chiding of Moses to the sons of Gad and Rueben, "Shall your brothers go to war while you yourselves sit here?

Have we found our war? Or will we be content to sit back and watch someone else fight for our amusement?

God stir our blood again and again and awaken in our breast the fierceness of the lion of Judah, until we hunger like we have never hungered before!

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FCB said...

That's a good word Eric. I read a great deal about the difficulty in finding one's way in the world. At nearly all levels young people today are without direction, other than to make as much money as they can. That feeble hope I cannot even call a goal; a mere extension of ones appetites at best.
Preach on son.