Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving rewind....

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A bunch of people from our church decided to have Thanksgiving together at Jacob's Well on Thanksgiving day. We opened it up to anyone who wanted to join us or didn't have anyone to share it with and ended up having over 60 people! We had a ton of food and enjoyed the evening with old and new friends. It was awesome to have our 12 KaRen friends join us for their first Thanksgiving in the America. They seemed a bit overwhelmed for sure but I saw some going back for seconds. It was moving to know that our dinner was it for some people that joined us. Moments like that make you so grateful to be a part of something like this.

Yesterday a bunch of us decorated Jacob's Well for the Christmas season. I will post some pictures soon of the amazing decorations and the two sidewalk windows that are amazing! It was cool to be able to add some beauty to the neighborhood and show we love it and are glad to be here.

I was amazed at the hard work and creative ideas that the crew had. But what really moved me was that after the few that were left at night were done, they came up with the idea to go and put Christmas lights up at one of the KaRen's homes. So after a long afternoon of work, we trudged off in the freezing cold and did a drive by lighting for Moon Light and his family. It was so great to see his kids faces pressed up against the window with smiles from ear to ear. it made the bitter cold worth it.

I knew it really was special when a neighbor came out and watched us throwing the lighting party. You never know what kind of impact you are having when you simply live it, not programed, planned or pushed...just faith working by love.

With all the dissing on churches these days...last night made me proud to be a part of this community of Christians. You folks amaze me.

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FCB said...

What a great way to spend Thanksgiving. What a great turnout, makes me wonder how many will come next year, many more I suspect.
Great work Jacob's Well, salt in a literal way.