Friday, November 24, 2006

Thoughts on the Mission of Mercy article....

Read the full article here, without having to link to local paper:

With a lot of feedback from the article, I want to clarify a few points.

* This whole journey is one that God has brought all of us into. There is an obvious unfolding plan of God in the events, people and circumstances in all this. No one can take credit for the work or the opportunity to serve the purposes of God. He awakens, empowers, connects, softens and makes one sensitive, sheds light, puts faith and love in our hearts and weaves continents, people and stories together for His glory and for Justice.

* Each of us are called to carry our own load in it all. Some are called or risk and sacrifice more.

* We must obey the call of Jesus to serve, love and work for justice for the poor....Especially the ones that we live with or around. That is the whole point of the good Samaritan story. You look under your nose first and then out to the fields around you. Mission isn't something you wait to do, it is something you are on, no matter where the location.

* If we obey the call of Isaiah 58 the promises of the chapter will follow too.

* God most often uses people who are willing but sometimes He knocks you off your self-focused horse (Like Paul) blinds you with a God-focused revelation and transforms you in an instant for His purpose and glory.

* The main point of the article and my first hope is that Burmese lives are saved, political, humanitarian and religious action is stirred, our KaRen brothers and sisters in Burma get their freedom and lives back. It's about them.

My hope and prayer is that people will stop dreaming and move to vision. We need dreams but more than that we need a vision on how to fulfill that dream and that will take faith, courage, boldness and plain old guts. Nothing that is important will happen without putting your butt on the line. There are plenty of dreamers in the grave with their dreams.

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