Friday, November 10, 2006

Praying for fire...

send down fire
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“Those who attend our ministry have a great deal to do during the week. Many of them have family trials, and heavy personal burdens to carry, and they frequently come into the assembly cold and listless, with thoughts wandering hither and thither; it is ours to take those thoughts and thrust them into the furnace of our own earnestness, melt them by holy contemplation and by intense appeal, and pour them out into the mold of the truth. A blacksmith can do nothing when his fire is out and in this respect he is the type of a minister. If all the lights in the outside world are quenched, the lamp which burns in the sanctuary ought still to remain undimmed; for that fire no curfew must ever be rung. We must regard the people as the wood and the sacrifice, well wetted a second and a third time by the cares of the week, upon which, like the prophet, we must pray down the fire from heaven.” - C.H. Spurgeon, Lectures to My Students

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FCB said...

This piece reminds me of reading about the great difficulty early American preachers had keeping the farmers awake during services. This was a continual problem with people that worked long, strenuous days on the farm, up at 4am, milking, feeding livestock and all the chores, then breaking away for the 11:00 service and sitting down in the pew for the first time all day, and out like a light.