Thursday, November 16, 2006

Return of the devils bite

round two
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As you can see from the incision above, I had another run in with the doctor yesterday. I thought I was doing good for awhile, the spider bite (located at the very bottom) was healed and the first incision at the top left was healed, scared and good. But then after that all cleared up I got this nasty flu/cold punch that laid me out for week.

Then about two days ago another set of wonderful infections started appearing under my arm and the largest yet. I woke up yesterday feeling mighty low and running a fever, so I headed to the doctor. The lump according to the doctor was about the size of a grapefruit internally/externally, he tried to lance it but nothing really came out (real fun process) so they sent me to get a CT scan. That's where they shoot you with some strange dye and put you in a metal coffin and soak your bodies with radiation and watch the scientific food coloring go through the infected areas and see if there is anything going on that will require a surgeon to deal with. The results came back good, no internal pockets of infection.

It appears that the last infection from the bite returned because the antibiotics were not strong enough. But....(don't Doctors always find something else?) they detected I had pneumonia on-top of it all. No wonder I was feeling like dung. I mean coughing up bloody lung butter and squeezing out puss from various small painful flesh volcanoes makes for a tough little day but at least I understand why I felt like I had absolutely been drained off all my energy too.

Sooooo I just have to wait the infection out and rest, blah blah blah. All of this started in October, which just happened to be about one of the most busy times of the year for me with everything going on here. Hoochee Mamma it's been tough.

So the moral of this gross story little children is:
Stay away from spiders.


Anonymous said...

Plus, you've pretty much taken care of any desire I had for lunch today. :-)

Anonymous said...

for the life of me i cannot figure out what part of your body that is in the picture and it makes me feel a little awkward.

bowing in for you right now... keep up the good fight, brother.

Unknown said...

"...infections started appearing under my arm..." as quoted from the post.