Thursday, November 23, 2006

Great article in local paper...

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Without being to vain, I want to send along a link to our local paper ( that has a front page article on the KaRen people we have been helping resettle in Spokane. Kevin(the reporter) did a phenomenal job in sharing the history, the conflict and the growing hope of the KaRen and other ethnic people in Burma. I am so grateful for his expertise and willingness to shed light on the story. He contacted me about the potential story and I am so glad he did. I pray that the exposure will lead to further support and help as we join in the struggle for freedom in Burma. Our KaRen friends have endured and faced so much both at home and here, may their faith and hope produce greater love and support for the ongoing work ahead.


FCB said...

I just read the article and I'm sitting here in a mood I doubt I can explain. To see the simple beginnings of a trip to Burma that Matt went on for a shoot, and with his sensitivity to people of all races, he was touched by the people on his first visit. It haunted him and he wouldn't let it go. He began to research and as he learned more, his concern grew and led to involvement with FBR, and his zeal caused him to infect Eric and myself with the Burma bug, (a love for the people) and a desire to help in some way. At the time we had no idea what God had planned but to see it bear fruit, from videos that have gone to Congress done by Matt, to three families rescued by Eric, LeeElla, Christian, Destiny, Austin, and Micah as well as the help of the church, and now to read about it on the front page of the newspaper on Thanksgiving day makes me one proud father and one amazed follower of the One who holds heaven and earth in His palm.
Thank you Lord.

MaryMGlynn said...

Eric this was a wonderful article. I posted it on our charities forum. I am hoping our organization can send the kids christmas presents this year.
What are their ages?

MaryMGlynn said...

Eric this is our HAIN blog!! We are putting a plea for help for these Burma kids this year.

We are spreading the word, if you want to more to it!

We hope to have Christmas items sent to you all by the middle of DEC. I am also having people send you items directly.
Please let me know if you get anything and fill out our form mentioned on this and we can send them a receipt.

I hope we can get these kids a wonderful Christmas this year!!!