Friday, December 12, 2008

Are men better...?

Well here we go, another chapter in our 1 Corinthians series that should be a firecracker! We will tackle all kinds of challenging issues surrounding the place, role, position, function of women and men in home, church and culture. If you are unaware of the debates that take place between Complementarians and Egalitarians than you might be surprised as we delve into this little nugget of church splitting drama.
Issues like:
1. Do men and women have different ways for being saved?
2. Are men and women designed to come before God in prayer in a different way?
3. Are there lists of spiritual gifts that are listed for only men or only women?
4. Do men and women inherit spiritual “sonship” in a different way?
5. Is the command to make disciples given only to one gender?

I think that if our positions on these subjects affect 50% of our's an important issue to unpack. Trust me there is a load of baggage surrounding these issues and people get pretty weird, uptight, confrontational and quick to tie people to the stakes when these subject are discussed. So stay tuned it might get interesting around here.
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