Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Shoppers acted like "savages"...

So I am sure you heard or read about the Walmart employee who was trampeld to death by rabid shoppers in Long Island, NY. It's a tragic picture of the spirit of mammon that has possessed, raped and pillaged our America culture all in the name of capitalism, keeping up with the Jones' and the good old American dream...well, it turned out to be a nightmare for this innocent person. I can't imagine what the parents will think about when little Johnny opens his latest mass produced, China manufactured, plastic piece of crap. Knowing that an innocent life was taken to get that $4 dollars off. God have mercy.

Since I am the OT prophet proverbial sense...I also was made aware that one of the local Spokane golf courses clubs have a Clergy Rate for up to 8 ministers at the club and its only $2,200 per month and they have one opening!
Wow...$2,200 a month...that's more than many in my church make as families!

As I pondered this I wrestled with my own life and how I or we as a family choose to spend money, especially this Holiday season. For me it translates into drinking more of this cruddy coffee instead of $3 lattes. It means hosting an art event to raise money for the poorest of the poor and putting up my paintings for sale. It means saying "no" to the desire to put more under the tree than is needed or financially responsible. It means turning off lights, turning down the heat, cooking more at home, shopping at K-mart and Grocery Outlet, wearing out my clothes and shoes. It means saying "no" to trips, walking or riding my bike more, renting more and going to the theater less. It means praying that the spirit of mammon won't prevent me from serving God. It means shining the light on my own life and then choosing to do live differently, one choice at a time.

Just sitting and feeling like a loser or a schmuck won't change anything...but getting inspired to move beyond "savages" has got to be a motivation for all of us in light of these kind of tragedies.

Here is a helpful site to put things in perspective:
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