Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Pioneer Woman...

I forgot to mention yesterday that LeeElla, was also tackling the blizzard load of fact she cleared the Police Substation parking lot for the men there...of course they didn't say thank you, but she did it nonetheless. I tried to tell her it was hard work pushing that machine through the ice and snow...but she was undeterred. But if you really know LeeElla she's a beautiful mix of qualities that would of made her the perfect Pioneer woman; a fact that she herself frequently mentions. I think we were both supposed to be born in the Wild West...but somehow ended up in this era.

So I perused some pics that represent the women of the West and these three capture perfectly that combination of:

Caring, industrious, godly, noble mother:Wild, tough as nails, take no guff, boot to the crotch, mountain mammaand the soft as silk, sultry, monogamous madam of my dreams.We make the perfect pair of urban church planters..,called by Jesus to raze some Hell...while being gentle as doves and shrewd as serpents. Couldn't do this without you babe.
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