Friday, January 09, 2009

The Chicken of Depression...

Even the darkness is not dark to You, And the night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light are alike to You. -Psalms 139:12

A common mistake I find in sharing ones journey; is attaching too much judgment or explanation to the phases of our temperaments. Dark is purposeful...imagine a world without the nuances of shadow.
Could one endure the brightness of constant light?
We need the moon to balance the Sun.
We need our sleep life to counterbalance our awake life.
Could you truly appreciate much of anything without the multiplicity of opposites?
Is a walk underneath moonlight to be eclipsed by a stroll in evening colors?
Could the world ever bloom with only sunlight and no spring drenching showers?
I think the problem comes when the winter refuses to give way her hold to the advances of spring.
These are the seasons when we need a savior, an Aslan, a doctor, a rescue.
But it all makes up our chapter should be left unwritten, if it has been lived.
The church is weaker because she pretends to presently live in a city without a Moon...but that day hasn't arrived yet.

Depression is a subject that many Christians have a hard time understanding or even talking about. I've walked in shadows a lot of my times into darkness that I needed help recovering from. In the past prayer has helped, diet has had an impact and listening to my life and understanding what my body was saying to me was essential.

For some medications are part of the path towards health. The mind needs a lift, an extra push, a piggy-back to catch it's breath. Sometimes it's in need of a little refill bio-chemically. It's nothing to feel bad or unspiritual about, all our bodies get drained and sometimes need medication to help our own immune system catch up or extra punch to fight off whatever is attacking.

Faith people are often the wrong people to go to for health wisdom...have you looked in the pews? The church is full of sick, unhealthy, mental, angry, supressed, overweight people...God loves them, but don't look for too much wisdom on self-care from them. I say that as a loving pastor. Get help from doctors...not patients.

Remember "darkness" is often the souls cry for light. It's shouting or moaning about deep issues that need healing or need change. Greyness, numbness are often signs that one is walking in a unhealthy lie of some kind. "hope deferred, makes the heart sick". Treatment should help you catch you breath long enough to unpack the heart or mind issues.
Medications are like a life preserver, it won't propell you but it will keep you from drowning.

I thank God for the moon and the sun...I've been able to accept, understand and enjoy who and I am and who God is, more because of it.
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