Monday, January 05, 2009

Wanda estrogen induced lycanthropy...

Oh my...somehow I fought the urge to leave when this came on last of the dangers of leaving the remote available for anyone to get ahold of...but I'm glad that I didn't leave, because this was one crazy weird flick. I rarely laugh outloud...for awhile...I did in this movie; the line that Peter Fonda made about the dog...stunned me. At times in this movie, I wasn't sure where it was going to go...a 13 year old hooking up with a 20 year older was odd, even though nothing took place....the whole theme got odd...not counting the creepy chicken necking dude with the thin mustache, the old man who gets his throat cut, the gun fight that goes on forever but nobody gets shot, the rotoscope indian with his lightening throwing powers and smoking arrows, the fact that Peter Fonda keeps putting cigarettes in his mouth but never smokes them, the glowing skull, the angry shopkeeper...and the sassy Brooke who perfectly captures that strange gangly place that a girl starts awkwardly changing into a woman...not quite girl, not yet ladyThe whole transition is kinda like an estrogen induced that she perfectly pulled off, brilliantly acted. It reminded me of the countless moments as a youth pastor that I got to see this bizarre unfolding take place...poor creatures, some manage it better than others for sure. I think girls have it way more tough as far as becoming adults go. It's laughable and tragic all at the same time.
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