Friday, January 30, 2009

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Our family was treated to our first traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony by our host LemLem Dailey. LemLem is one of the adopted girls, our friends Dan and Melissa Dailey recently adopted. Here she is washing the green coffee beans they brought from Ethiopia. Here she is roasting them, and then she grinds them and then makes coffee with them.Then we were served and enjoyed the traditional three cups of coffee...of course LeeElla got four cups, I guess she is extra special.
It was a precious honor, she is a gift and we are blessed to get the privilege of being part of her and Sara's new life here in Spokane and the Dailey's home. I think Micah got the best we were leaving, he got the traditional three kisses on the cheeks from LemLem...of course, he was all smiles.
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