Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama is the Anti-Christ...?

In response to the "Obama is the Anti-Christ" people...don't you know that Bush IS the Anti-Christ? It's proven right here.

Notice the 3 upside down stars above the elephant...The 5-pointed star is a symbol for man, and the points were originally associated with spirit and the four elements – earth, water, fire, and air. When the point or head of the star is facing up it’s symbolic of spirit ruling over matter, and when down, it symbolizes humanity overcome by our most destructive instincts like greed and violence. Facing up towards the heavens we are under God’s authority, and when reversed, under the devil’s rule. As you can see the stars in the Republican Elephant are pointed down...proving that we've just went through the administration of the Anti-Christ and though his "headship" has been slain though political change...he will most assuredly rise again to political is probably the mouth piece of the dragon and will usher in a return to power of Bush.“Symbologists (like that idiot Robert Langdon in “The DaVinci Code”) agree that the five pointed star, or pentagram, is an ancient symbol for the number “6”. Let me spell this out. Three pentagrams (on the Republican elephant) equals 666. This is the symbol for our arch-enemy, Satan, or his minion, the Anti-Christ. Why in the world would the Republican symbol have the emblem of Satan on it?”

So you see Bush is the Anti-Christ, the Hitler of our era, because that is what we have been constantly told in the alternative media and through the deep teachings of our internet prophets... can see that the scripture foretell a cyclical reality: 1 John 2:18: "many antichrists have made their appearance."

History reveals that..."the (anti-christ) concept has evolved bewilderingly throughout biblical history. As definitively explained in Bernard McGinn's Antichrist: 2,000 Years of the Human Fascination With Evil and Robert Fuller's Naming the Antichrist: The History of an American Obsession, the character can be traced to Old Testament authors' horrified response to the oppression of ancient colonizers. When Alexander the Great's conquests led to a statue of Zeus in the Temple in Jerusalem, Jews envisioned a final conflict story wherein the Syrian Greek tyrant Antiochus, reimagined as a beast, got burned in God's "fiery stream" on Judgment Day.

Early Christians grafted the Roman Emperor Nero onto the tradition as the Beast from the Abyss in the Apocalypse, known to current Christians as the book of Revelation, the Bible's astonishing finale about the final days. Nero dressed in animal skins to ravage men's and women's genitals, burned Christians in ghastly dramas, demanded to be worshiped as a god, and was rumored to have disappeared to the East, threatening to return one day to rule the world from Rome, or Jerusalem. Actually, he killed himself, but he lives on in beastly legend. To this day, the word for Antichrist in Armenian is "Nero."

Though the story of the Beast and various other biblical verses are associated with the Antichrist, the word itself, "Antichrist," only appears four times in the Bible, in the letters of John.

Christians have eternally argued about the Antichrist.

Revelation was nearly banned from the Bible, and permitted strictly on condition it should never be used as it is by fundies today.

Church father Augustine ordered Christians to quit reading apocalyptic Left Behind–style scenarios into scripture and think of the Antichrist as anyone who denies Christ—and he said the first place to hunt for him is in your own heart."

But I could be wrong...becasue:

Obama hails from Chicago whose zipcode is: 60606 (do you see the three sixes ?

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