Sunday, August 09, 2009

Spokane Garry

We host semi regular art-music-food evenings on the First Friday of
some months. Last time we did one in December and we raised $3000 for
African Orphans. This one will be a fundraiser to help the Spokane
Indian tribe replace a culturally appropriate statue that the city
tore down. Spokane Garry was a christian leader in the early days of
the Spokane tribe.

His story is inspiring and another tragic testimony of white on Indian
injustice. The tearing destruction of the statue is another sad event
in Spokane'shistory.

I've always valued the local first nation art in this area and have
also been dissapointed in the lack of city support and celebration of
that heritage.

Read up on his story, it's a major move of the Spirit of God through a
man in our city's history. He's a modern apostle that the local church
should remember.

I fully support a new statue in his honor and hope to work together
with the tribe; to errect a monument worthy of the man and the people
he loved and led.

The church failed him then...I want to help redeem our reputation now.
It's a sin that needs restoration.

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