Friday, August 21, 2009

The Worst Group of Cannibal Campers Ever...

Our church group camped up at Farragut St. Park in Idaho last weekend. We brought around 75 people and a lot of them were teens and kids. Of course if you know teens, particularly teen boys...the woods means climbing trees, making weapons and adventuring. All of these activities are forbidden by Johnny Camp Law, we found out...a fact that doesn't seem to bother young men and boys. So over the weekend, our campsite was visited by numerous men and women deputized by Smokey The Bear, Treebeard and David Henry Thoreau! Of course when they were greeted by dirty wild boys wielding 5 foot club hammers, spiked staves and spears sharpened to a cutting point...I'm sure they held their tongues about their major complaints for fear of their lives.
Needless to say...our group earned the "Worst Group Ever" epitaph...from a disgruntled grounds keeper who had to clean up someone's crap out of the men's bathroom sink! Which by the way was present when we arrived at the camp...of course there were a couple Jacob's Well campers there before our main group arrived...(you know who you are...)...but I digress. In fact the deputized park ruler...called the pernicious poopers...."Cannibals"...Yes, you read it right...human flesh eating tent dwellers!

So that makes Jacob's Well Church: "The Worst Group of Cannibal Campers Ever" at Farragut St. Park!!!
There has to be a T-shirt in there somewhere...

But no worries for next year...because we just told all the staff, we were from LifeCenter.
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