Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Banned in Burma

Warning: Video is graphic


Anonymous said...

I know he means well, but...
Ok I forgive him, because of Rocky!

MaryMGlynn said...

Matt, I think his point is to bring light to the situation. I think the world is blind to the suffering of the Burmese people, because there is no spotlight on the darkness. So if it brings some kind of spotlight that is what matters in the end. Before I met your father I had NO IDEA! Because its simply not seen in the news, or anywhere else unless you look online and if you do not hear much about it, you simply don't think to look for it! You see video's, pictures and more about Africa. But hardly ever about Burma. I personally think at least he is trying and at least bringing people's attention to the country.Its better than many of these "so called" christians who don't mention a need past self. Anyway,, my opinion..I am proud of the work you do Matt and it has changed my whole life. Thank you