Monday, May 26, 2008

Karen Church with an English service...

karen girls.jpg
I think we now have officially switched ethnic scales at Jacob's Well. I am sure there must have been almost more than a hundred Karen at the Karen Service last night. So I think that would now mean that officially we are a Karen church with a couple english speaking services for the Americans. With 69 refugees coming to Spokane this month...we are going to have to think about how to expand or enlarge or move at some time I think...because the growth will not stop...which means changes of some sort might be forced upon all of us. It's been so rich having the ability to combine, share and mingle two different cultures and ways of being church. The Karen have so many things going for them when it comes to being church. They leave us in the dust as far as community goes. These pictures were from their Mother's Day celebration. A whole service of music, special numbers, testimony, preaching, gifts for the mothers and a whole lot of food.
Mothers day karen service.jpgI am so grateful for the chance to discover God in this community of people.

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