Sunday, May 04, 2008

Son of Jonah...

Son of Jonah,
Turn your eyes to the sea
Bend your ear to the call of voices,
murmuring their prayers on incoming breeze,
Step onto the ships as they hoist their sails,
Let Me unfurl your heart, open your mind,
This good news isn’t just for thee,
Be thrown into the hungry waters,
Abandon yourself to providence,
Die, so that your may be born again.

Son of Jonah,
Descend into the depths of this watery grave,
Ride the waves down, down, down into the abyss,
Journey to the beginning, to the hidden roots of the earth,
In the very bowels of hell, be entangled in the cords of death...of life.
Let Me cut you away from the dark womb,
Arise, ascend, resurrect again.
Be born out of the waters and let Me visit the cities again...through you.

Son of Jonah
Bow in prayer, rise to the journey,
Extend your hand and touch the dead,
Eat the birds and consume the beasts,
Embrace the descending harvest,
rise, son of Jonah, rise and eat.

(Eric Blauer, 5.4.08)

1 comment:

FCB said...

The best one yet.
You have found the groove!
Love Dad