Friday, May 08, 2009

Captain's Chair For a Cult Leader....

I was once accused of being a cult leader and supposedly I made people call me "Skipper"...I know, don't laugh too hard...I dont have people call me Skipper and the only cult I lead is one based around the iphone. But I could see building a dais in the meeting area of our church and place this beauty right on top...I could even handle being called "Captain"'s more inline with my science fiction geekiness and less Gilligan's Island. I could buy it here for only $2,199.99 it could be a dream turned reality...any start up investors for up and coming SCFI/religious cult leaders out there?


Michael McMullen said...

"Skipper"? "Skipper"?! Oh man! That has so many possibilities, my head is spinning. I better go lie down. Yeah, that one ain't going away soon.

Wes said...

Things a cult leader says....
1. "Don't question me."
2. "These are not MY thoughts, these are Gods wishes. He tells me what to say to you."
3. "Don't bother with reading your bible, I'll interpret His wishes for you."
4. "The only people you should be concerned with are chuch members."
5. "Gimme all your money. I'll take good care of it for you."
6. "I don't make mistakes because everything I do is ordained by God."

I've never heard you say anything even remotly close to this.
I have, however, heard you say the following...

"Question me. I do get things wrong sometimes."

"Hmmm, that's an interesting view. I never thought of that."

"This church isn't about money."

"Hey, this is your project. I'll keep out of it and let you do what you do best."

"Let's open a church in East Central... that's where the need is the greatest."

Doesn't sound very Jim Jonesish to me...