Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pikes Street Market

You can't go to Seattle and not go to the Pike's Street Market. We do every time we go, especially to pick up Moon Valley natural products, as well as shop for unique stuff, good produce and food and people watch.This is one example of some urban tribalism...he sold fruit and nuts...no connection I'm sure, he seemed like a fine fellow, who wouldn't eat us.
Some of the delicious bounty of the Pacific Northwest....I simply wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
There was a Cheese Festival going on at the market...lots of people, cheese and im sure...lactose intolerance going on.
One of the common sites in Seattle...musicians playing music...you got to love it. This trip, Lee bummed some change off a street musician when we were trying to get change for a meter...that woman could talk Donald Trump out of his toupee!

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