Saturday, May 23, 2009

Here There Be Monsters...

New Jacob's Well painting: "Here There Be Monsters" (3'x4') by Matthew Whitney, its our world mission visual vision statement: Elements: the wild goose who in celtic Christianity symbolizes the Holy Spirit and His migratory nature, the ship, the wheel and the world map imagery in the background all touch the issue of going, sending, adventure, the unknown. The children speak of the good news to the poor. The woman and the jar and the water all speak of various imagery: living water, cup of cool water, the woman at the well. Crows are potent parable images, the dragon speaks of oppositions and facing fears and how on old maps they were often placed in the corners of the distant reaches of the world etc. The colors speak of various elements, life, water, death. The tree of life...growing to fill the whole world as Jesus prophesied the Kingdom of God would do. All these parts fit together to inspire and push us to "Go Into ALL The World"


FCB said...

I just love this painting! I love the symbolism, it makes me stare and discover.
Great stuff,

Anonymous said...

Equally as impressive as the first painting!!! What a blessing to have such talented artists that believe in this ministry.
Love, Mel