Friday, March 10, 2006

new website and new email

I am working on moving my blog to my new website that is part of my new apple computer software. You can check out the new site at:

Let me know if you can view it well on your browser, I have a Mac now and I am not sure how it will look for you PC people. But I have a multitude of new tools and dillywackers to use on this software, so more than likely I will move my life to this new site. Everything is integrated on my computer now: video, podcasting and videopodcasting, email, website, blogging, pictures it is amazing...I love my mac!

You will see a lot more stuff on my site in the near future, which might please you or confirm to you that I am a megalomaniac.

I will also be using a new email address too.

I will be phasing out my account soon.

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Anonymous said...

Long Live the MAC!