Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Snake handlers

God says: What is that in your hand?" 
Moses replies, "A staff." 
God gives the first command: "Throw it on the ground." 
When the stick becomes a snake, God gives the second command: 
"Reach out your hand and take it by the tail." 
It is a strange time indeed when the Lord asks you to throw your
staff/rod on the ground. 
Especially when the very dream or vision that has sustained you or held
you up on the long journey starts to transform into a snake. There are
Divine moments when what used to be comfortable becomes dangerous. What
used to be familiar becomes possibly fatal. When the things we have
leaned on become the things we have to chase. 
God is turning rods to snakes right now. 
Snakes can bite, they are often poisonous and can wield some
frightening fangs. 
God is asking some of us to take the snake by the tail...a risky
endeavor indeed. 
Grabbing the tail makes you vulnerable to the head of the snake, he is
still free to bite you! 
God's ways are not man's ways...we always look for the safest path, the
easiest road, the way of least resistance and risk. 
But God often commands us to pick up serpents and many times He
adds...do it by the tail. 
His call is a dangerous call...one that involves risk and danger, not
safety and comfort. 
God wants men and women who have faced fear head on and learned to grab
it by the tail. 
They are snake handlers in the most spiritual sense. 
Is your destiny looking dangerous right now? 
Don't run from it...grab it by the tail! 

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Anonymous said...

Do you remember the PGE commercial about playing safe around electricity? "What about frogs?" the girl asks. I find myself asking a similar question as I have been editing footage taken from inside the war zones of Burma. I imagine mysel there in the midst of it, which I will likely be in the near future. And I ask "What about landmines?" -Matt