Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Voice Of Many Waters...

The mountain is on fire and smoke like a furnace has descended on it and the ground is shaking and there is a thunderous voice of rumblings in the spirit. For many it seems to old testament to be new testament but I sincerely believe that this is a test of ascension.

Who will ascend the hill of the Lord?
Who will dare enter the cloud of unknowing?
Who will walk into the engulfing fire and blurring smoke in blind and fearless faith believing that the righteous man walks by faith and not sight?
Who will believe that not even one hair will be scorched in the heavenly firestorm.
Who will advance in hungry anticipation of the words that give life to those who lose their life to gain them?
Who will sell everything to gain the peal?
Who will allow the wind of His word to blow away all security and fill our sails with a godly gail that will breathe revelation, power and momentum to the purposes of God in this city and the world?

These are the words of the Lord: When I cleanse you of all your wickedness. I will re-people the cities, and the palace shall be rebuilt. The land now desolate shall be tilled, instead of lying waste for every passerby to see. Men will say that this same land which was waste has become like a garden of Eden, and people will make their homes in the cities once ruined, wasted and shattered, but now well fortified. The nations still left around you will know that it is I, the Lord, who have rebuilt the shattered cities and planted anew the waste land; I, the Lord, have spoken and will do it.

These are the words of the Lord God; yet again will I let the Israelites ask me to act in their behalf. I will make their men numerous as sheep, like the sheep offered as holy-gifts, like the sheep in Jerusalem at times of festival. So shall the ruined cities be filled with human flocks, and they shall know that I am the Lord.
-Ezekiel 36:33-38

Gaz prophesied a song over this season last week and in it were these words:

Is this the time?
Is this the day?
the past behind
new life embraced

I really believe this is the time...of our choosing.

It's one of those moments that will define the future for many.
It is one of those Divine Moments that we will look back on with either gratefulness or sorrow depending on how we acted on the moment.

The issue is purely in the heart...are you following the voice of God or not?

If you are..than walk fully in it and anticipate the blessing of the obedience, no matter where you gather. The issue isn't whether it is on this mountain or that mountain but whether or not you are walking in spirit and truth. Some say this, some say that...I say what does the Spirit of God say?

Drink the water that HE GIVES and you will not thirst.

Choose man made cisterns and your cities will stay ruined, wasted and shattered.
Choose to follow the Voice Of Many Waters and your cities will "become like a garden of Eden"

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