Thursday, April 16, 2009

Defend and Plead....

This article and short photo essay broke my heart...I had to close the Mother Jones magazine in the coffee shop because I started crying when I saw the pictures. I went and bought the magazine, went home and mourned the tragedy of it all. I shared it with a couple of my kids, to help them keep their problems in perspective.

"Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy. " (Proverbs 31:9).
"Learn to do good; Seek justice, Rebuke the oppressor; Defend the fatherless, Plead for the widow….Your princes are rebellious, And companions of thieves; Everyone loves bribes, And follows after rewards. They do not defend the fatherless, Nor does the cause of the widow come before them." (Isaiah 1:17,23, NKJV)


FCB said...

Hi Eric,
This article and the post above with the prostitute are the kind of things that define Christianity to me. If Jesus were walking in flesh today, this last picture of the old man, or woman? with his head buried in the pillow, would be buried in the breast of Christ, because this is where he dwells.
These two posts should make any Christian heart hungry to serve in some capacity to alleviate the sorrows. Every Christian can do something, be it large or small, be it support World vision or adopt a child, visit Africa or the nursing home in the neighborhood.
We all know we need to do more, but let none of us say we do nothing.
Love Dad

Unknown said...

These images broke my heart. No words can really capture the horror that haunts my thoughts when I turn my mind and heart towards such realities.

Matt said...

ouch, that hurt.

Mel said...

Finally got a chance to read the article and view all of the pictures. It's sickening and infuriating. I'm so thankful for and my hat is off to "Mental Disability Rights International" for the part they're playing in bringing about the will of God on Earth as it is in Heaven.