Saturday, April 18, 2009

K-dog is in the house!!!

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Anonymous said...

Growing up I had 13 dogs - none of which lasted in our house. We always found them "better" homes. They lived outside in pens and were kept away from inside family activity most the time. They weren't treated cruel or anything, but really weren't allowed to integrate with us.

When we moved to East Central, Kona was 2 years old, and became a full time inside pet - all 90 pounds of her black hairy-ness! Surprise to us, she became a different dog, and we became different owners.
She has taught me the joys of having a dog be a member of your family. Granted, the training years were tough, but she is an amazing, funny and loving dog, and I'm grateful we found eachother. Long Live the Kona Beans!!! :) - LeeElla