Thursday, April 02, 2009

Your "heading" in the wrong direction...

"Training: employing appropriate actions within our power by which we become capable of doing things currently beyond our power and by which we become people we are currently incapable of being."
-Brian Mclaren "Finding our Way Again"

I think most people live in the stalled out point between Decision + _____________ = Accomplishment or realization. Practice or training is the long boring middle that is made up of countless unseen choices, actions and plodding persistence. It's what separates those who have taken a dream and given it a vision and put that vision (plan) into action and then stay the course until completed.

The turtle gets the prize.

Potential is a virgin and a hag...she turns from one to the other, the older she becomes...if not married and loved.Can you "see" both within the one?

Too many folks let their potential go from something people see as a horizon of opportunity...into a epithet of wasted years.

Often the real spark for metamorphosis lies in the very head of the person wrestling with potentiality. They need a new mind that breeds a new attitude and is outworked in practical practices within a community of people striving towards the same goals.

Excuses are curses from conflicted and lazy souls...which we all fight with. The question for each of us is "what will be the needed catalyst for change?"

(Painting by Stephen Rue)


Mel said...

"Potential is a virgin and a hag...she turns from one to the other, the older she becomes...if not married and loved."

Hmmm... Never heard it said like that before. It's definitely worthy of some prayer and meditation... :)

FCB said...

I wonder if sometimes the reason we are so impotent is we are faced with so many needs and feel like we can make little if any difference that we procrastinate and years go by fruitless. It's kind of like giving to charities, we are presented so many places to give, so many good causes it can be a whelming flood and we give to none. I think that's why I like the advice I have been given in the past - Attend to the task at hand, and look for a place where you see God is already working and join in. It makes it quite simple although it doesn't sound glamorous or heroic, but small deeds with great love are heroic.
Love Dad