Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The kingdom of God is among you....

I was recently asked if we at Jacob's Well are promoting a social gospel. I explained that I do not understand any other gospel. The gospel embraces, touches, baptizes, saves, transforms and blesses all of life. God cares about your life, not just your soul. His salvation act redeems everything in His time. As a church we are seeking to live into the gospel and live out the gospel in all its fullness. Love cares about the hunger of peoples souls and the hunger of their bellies. People need to know of God's love and see and feel His love through us. All of life is sacred. It's "integrated" as Claudio Oliver shares in this video. The kingdom can be entered, experienced, retold, proclaimed, seen and heard or even felt in a bar of soap. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God had arrived for those who have eyes to see.
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