Saturday, April 25, 2009

Earth Day, Park & Trail Clean Up...

We had almost 30 people come out today to celebrate Earth Day by cleaning up garbage in Underhill park and along the Ben Burr Trail. We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in the outdoors, talked, laughed, ate a picnic lunch and picked up a lot of trash!
After we dumped our garbage, I had the opportunity to share with a neighbor what we were doing, when he saw us with our pile of garbage....again, work becomes the witness. As we were heading back to the church building, we saw another Jacob Well member on a side street sweeping and clinging up garbage that leads up the trail along Altamont street. It was so awesome to see one of our community caring for our neighborhood with her own ideas, but in harmony with the group. When I was driving back to the church building I passed three other church members cleaning up garbage around the church streets too. It was a great day of creation care and community enhancing work...I am very proud of God's people at Jacob's Well...they inspire me.

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Mel said...

Way to go, and thanks, on behalf of all of those in your neighborhood who have benefited from your efforts, and on behalf of the Earth itself. :0)